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  We sincerely regret having to make the following statement; however, it has come to our recent attention and sad embarrassment that some prisoners have used this Pen Pal forum as a vehicle to attempt to solicit money from their correspondents, from those who are considerate enough to want to write to these men for social contact and encouragement.  We operate under the reasonable assumption that these prisoners are seeking companionship via letters, and Living In Truth has no actual ability to evaluate the motives of those who voluntarily subscribe to this forum.  We absolutely condemn the practice of any and all solicitation -- especially financial -- by any and all Pen Pals, and those who are reported to be in violation will be immediately removed and barred from this listing.

Reports of any such abusive activity may be made to


The following is a current  calendar - year  listing of prisoners in the state of Arkansas who have submitted their names and addresses to be posted here for the purpose of encouraging correspondence.

NOTE: This list will be purged monthly of all listings 12 months old;  new names will be added -- at the head of the list -- as they are submitted, for a 12-month term, unless otherwise extended by personal request. 

 Living In Truth sincerely appreciates anyone who will make the effort to correspond with 

 these men, and especially those who will correspond on a regular basis. 


Looking for a pen pal for friendship and relevant conversation
Eric Frankenhauser #157660
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR 72360

W/M, 30, looking to write anyone from all walks of life. I am open minded and willing to be friends with anyone.
Arbury Bowerman #134502
    P.O. Box 1630
    Malvern, AR 72104

W/M, 60+ searching for some good conversation and friendship.
Dennis Hutchinson #143206
    P.O. Box 1000
    Wrightsville, AR 72183

W/M, 35. I'm a guy with a great sense of humor that is looking for something better.
Christopher Williams #153430
    880 E. Gaines St.
    Dermott, AR 71638

God fearing, Charismatic scholar and gentleman seeking a pen pal for companionship.
Akym Lamaar Avery  #108336
    P.O. Box 1630
    Malvern, AR 72104

Lost and lonely. need a caring person to write.
David Roberts #113840
    10 Prison Circle
    Calico Rock, AR 72519

27, from Yellville, looking for a kind and understanding pen pal.
Phillip Bartlett #551515
    P.O. Box 240
    Tucker,AR 72168

W/M, 52.  Truck driver.  Like to meet new people and see new places.
Robert Draft #160040
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR72360

Non violent offender, W/M, 39, oil and gas guy from Greenbriar.  Looking for a pen pal.
Glen Johnson #129399
    P.O. Box 500
    Grady, AR 71644-0500

Bilingual Hispanic man seeks a friend who likes fishing, country music, dancing and movies.
Fredy Vasquez #117300
    2501 State Farm Rd.
    Tucker, AR 72168-9503

Looking for a pen pal to help pass the time and keep me connected to the outside world.
Jerry Tanner #151332
    P.O. Box 1630
    Malvern, AR 72104

W/M, single, want to correspond with anyone.  Just need a friend.
Christopher Knowles #153652
    880 East Gaines
    Dermott, AR 71638

22, looking for someone to have a conversation.
    Benjamin Nelson #158222
    P.O. Box 1630
    Malvern, AR 72104

B/M, 30, looking for new friends.
    Timothy Otis #132529
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR 72360

27, B/M, God fearing father of 2 young children.  Looking for a positive, uplifting correspondence.
Ricky London #653332
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR 72360

Young father, getting my GED.  Looking for a new start.
    Zamione Sharkey #152649
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR 72650

W/M; 43; Catholic; going to school, studying theology, looking for conversation and companionship.
    Eric Frankenhauser #157660
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR 72360

New Christian wanting to write to someone to share God, ideas and encouragement.

    Melvin Johnson #95905
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR 72360

36, 5'7", blue eyes, looking for somebody real.  Love family, dogs and motorcycles.
Robert Brinegar #111637
    P.O. Box 970
    Marianna, AR 72360

Cultured, intelligent.  Enjoy reading, food, travel and the sciences.
Lincoln Estill #154173
    P.O. Box 1010
    Wrightsville, AR 72183

B/M, 25, looking for a friend to exchange ideas and interests.

    Jason Crone #155767

    P.O. Box 1630

    Malvern, AR 72104


Frank Franklin  #87441

P.O. Box 970

Marianna, AR 72360 


1058 Gourd Creek Road     *    Marshall, Arkansas 72650

Voice/Fax  870-448-3699




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