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We are well aware of the fact that there are thousands of charitable organizations which are constantly campaigning to appeal to the abundant generosity displayed by most Americans, and especially Arkansans, toward those who are truly in need of assistance.  And we also realize that there have been some -- and thankfully, only a few -- spectacular showings of neglect, mismanagement and even downright abuse of funds which have been entrusted for charitable purposes.

At Living In Truth, we partially measure our effectiveness by the large percentage of donations which go directly to help prisoners and their loved ones who are in the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) system.  For example, our office space is donated annually by a private property owner in a rural location.  This is an ideal situation, since most of our ongoing activity is conducted by postal correspondence and electronic communications, including various types of research; coordinating activities such as Our People Visiting Prisoners program which matches drivers and riders making visits to corrections facilities; obtaining and shipping Dictionaries to every prisoner who writes to request one (at no cost to the inmate or family); obtaining, sorting, packing and delivering clothing from our Clothes Closet for newly released prisoners.  We also coordinate with various churches in the state of Arkansas to furnish Bibles and Bible study correspondence courses, again at no cost to the prisoner or their families.

In addition to these services, Living In Truth coordinates and maintains an internet database for Pen Pals, and provides information concerning organizations which promote networking and correspondence between prisoners and those who are willing to write letters on a regular basis.  We also maintain and update various Resource Lists, such as the ADC "approved" halfway house list, legal help list, a free book project list, an AIDS resource list, as well as other helpful prisoner-related and parolee information.  Upon written request, we perform brief subject searches and people searches over the internet.

All of these activities are aimed toward two main purposes: first, to the ultimate reuniting of families whose relationships are often strained and all-too-often broken by the cycle of crime and incarceration; and secondly, to reduce the number of released prisoners who return to prison, by helping to resurrect shattered dreams and rebuild broken lives through individual counseling and working with area churches to help to heal and hopefully to strengthen the bonds of family.

Living In Truth, Inc. is a tax-exempt charitable 501(c)3 organization.  All donations, of any size, are most gratefully received. and tax-deductible receipts are issued.  Financial Records are available for examination by request.



 2007 Statistical Record of Activity For Prisoners and Their Families 


While we would readily agree that there is often much more to charitable efforts than what is reflected in the numbers, nevertheless the statistics do help to provide at least one measure of effectiveness when honestly compared to the aims and purposes of any organization.


During the year 2007, Living In Truth accomplished the following:

  • Answered 1100 letters during the year just ended.

  • Entered 385 new prisoner names.  Our total database presently contains 2300 prisoner names.

  • Entered 296 new visitor names.  Our total database presently contains 2294 visitor names.

  • Shipped 302 Dictionaries, with a total of more than 2,003 provided to date.

  • Delivered 31 Clothes Closet boxes, having sent a total of 98 boxes (at $25.00 per box, not counting postage)

  • Entered 101 new Pen Pal listings, for a total of 192 Pen Pals, to date.

  • Filled 78 Bible Study requests, for a total of 393.

  • Delivered 57 parole packets, for a total of 396.

  • Delivered 37 Sex-Offender parole packets, total of 68.

  • Made 27 interventions with the ADC on behalf of prisoners and families, total of 77.

  • Conducted 111 requested Internet searches (began this service in 2006), total of 182.

  • Most gratefully received 36 individual Donations from prisoners of $1 or more.

  • Most gratefully received freeworld contributions of $250.00.

We are thankful for the blessings upon our efforts during this last year: with the ongoing loyal and faithful service of our completely volunteer staff, we are able to perform as responsible stewards of those assets which continue to be provided for these purposes.  As January of this year draws to a close, we even more eagerly anticipate that 2008 will be a year of continued blessing and progress for further education, the building and deepening of trust and for the creation of even more opportunities to support and strengthen prisoners and their families in their successful return to productive living.


For more information, please write to us or call us, or correspond via e-mail: 


1058 Gourd Creek Road     *    Marshall, Arkansas 72650

Voice/Fax  870-448-3699




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--St. John 8:32

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