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This page is a public service, designed and intended as a ready resource for information concerning the the general administration, maintenance and operations policies of the Arkansas Department of Corrections.  In the interest of freedom of information, we make available the instructions to link to official public documents which contain the controlling regulations and provisions in all categories addressed by the Board which directs and governs the operation of the Arkansas Department of Corrections and each of its facilities.


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ADC Facilities and Wardens


Posted 04/30/07


Benton Unit

6701 Hwy 67

Benton, AR. 72015

Warden: Sarah McQuilliams

Assistant; Robert Clark



Cummins Unit                                                             

P. O. Box 500                                                            

Grady, AR. 71644-0500                                            

Warden:  Galyon Lay                                                 

Assistant: William Straughn, Danny Burl



Delta Regional Unit

880 E. Gaines St.

Dermott, AR. 71638

Warden: Mark Cashion

Assistant: Steve Outlaw



East Arkansas Regional Unit (EARU)

P .O. Box 180

Brickeys, AR. 72320-0180

Warden: Greg Harmon

Assistant: Randy Watson



Grimes Unit              (Men)

300 Wakenhut Way

Newport, AR. 72112

Warden: John Maples

Assistant: Harry Rhoades, Thomas Hurst



McPherson Unit             (Women)

302 Wakenhut Way

Newport, AR. 72112

Warden: John Maples

Assistant: Maggie Capel



Mississippi County Work Release Center

P O Box 10

Luxora, AR. 72358

Warden: Joe Porchia




Northwest Arkansas Work Release Center

200 E Price Ave.

Springdale, AR. 72764

Supervisor: Jim Brooks



North Central Unit

H C 62  Box 300

Calico Rock, AR. 72519

Warden: Jim Banks

Assistant: Darrell Golden



Ouachita River

P O Box 1630

Malvern, AR. 72104

Warden: Dale Reed

Assistant: Jimmy Hipple



Pine Bluff Diagnostic Unit

7500 Correction Circle

Pine Bluff, AR, 71603-1437

Warden: Rick Tony

Assistant: John Lowe



Jefferson County Jail / Correctional Facility (J C J)

7206 W. 7th St

Pine Bluff, AR


Warden: Rick Tony

Assistant: John Lowe



Pine Bluff Unit

890 Freeline Dr.

Pine Bluff, AR. 73846

Warden: Rick Tony

Assistant: John Lowe




P O Box 240

Tucker, AR. 72168

Warden: David White

Assistant: Tommy James



Tucker Max

2501 State Farm Rd.

Tucker, AR. 72168

Warden: David White

Assistant: Tommy James



Texarkana Regional Correction Center

305 E. 5th St

Texarkana, AR. 71854

Warden: Larry Cauley



Varner Super Max

P O Box 400

Grady, AR. 71644-0400

Warden; Grant Harris

Assistant: Brooks Parks, Tim Luckett



P O Box 600

Grady, AR. 71644-0600

Warden: Grant Harris

Assistant: Brooks Parks, Tim Luckett


Wrightsville Unit               (Men)

P O Box 1000

Wrightsville, AR. 72183

Warden: Kay Howell

Assistant: John Whaley



Hawkins Unit                (Women)

P O Box 1010

Wrightsville, AR. 72183

Warden: Kay Howell

Assistant: John Whaley




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Posted 04/10/06





The following Index of Administrative Regulation titles is posted as a guide which can be used to link to a .pdf (Portable Document Format) document which contains the entire text of the titled regulation.  In order to receive .pdf documents, you must have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, available via FREE download from


AFTER you have installed (or verified the installation) of the Adobe Reader software, you may then proceed to retrieve the .pdf documents by using the following link, adding the "AR" number at the end of the link to match the number of the regulation which you desire to retrieve.  If you follow these instructions exactly, you should retrieve the proper documents without difficulty.


For example, if you desire to receive the .pdf document which details "AR001  Administrative Regulations, Directives and Memoranda", you could type OR "cut-and-paste" this link into your browser's address window:

THEN, following the last forward slash /, type these few characters:  AR001.pdf and press "Enter".  Your browser should automatically open the Adobe Reader software as it delivers the associated .pdf document.  The completed link should appear like this:

(Please note the "underline" between "adcar" and the first "pdf")

By replacing the "AR" Number with the number of the regulation you desire, you may retrieve the appropriate .pdf document: 

just be sure that you type/cut-and-paste the link EXACTLY as it appears above, including the AR Number AND the .pdf at the very end.


Should you require further assistance, please contact us:

The AR Numbers (or ARJ Numbers) appearing in the left column of the following index are the numbers used to link to the corresponding .pdf document, using the procedure detailed above.






General Administration and Management


                                                                                                          Board Approval Date


                        Inmate Handbook


AR001             Administrative Regulations, Directives and Memoranda                                11/16/90

AR002             Authority of Unit Wardens, Center Supervisors, Administrators                      8/22/88

AR003             Inspection Tours by Unit Wardens/Center Supervisor                                     8/22/88

AR005             Reporting of Incidents                                                                                    9/23/87

AR011             News Media Visits, Interviews, Correspondence                                          11/29/79

AR014             Internal Investigations and Polygraph Examinations                                       11/29/79

AR016             Internal Affairs Investigation                                                                           5/31/80

AR017             Critical Incident Review                                                                                 9/24/96


                        Fiscal and Logistical Management


ARJ103           Offender Commissaries                                                                                   2/17/94

AR104             Property Control                                                                                            1/12/80

ARJ109            Funds of Offenders                                                                                        2/17/94


                        Personnel Management and Training


AR206             Trading, Trafficking With and Aiding or Abetting Unauthorized   

Actions by Inmates/Parolees                                                                         10/20/79

AR210             Relationships and Transactions With Offenders                                              5/31/80

AR211             Physical Attacks on State Employees                                                            10/20/79

AR216             Accepting Grants and Donations for the ADC                                                 9/20/89

ARJ224            Smoking Policy                                                                                              2/17/94


                        Security Management Safety and Sanitation


ARJ401            Searches for and Control of Contraband                                                        2/17/94

ARJ403            Use of Restraints                                                                                           2/17/94

ARJ404            Transporting/Escorting Offenders                                                                   2/17/94

ARJ407            Safety and Sanitation                                                                                     2/17/94

AR409             Use of Force                                                                                                 9/24/96

AR410             Use of Chemical Agents and Other Non-Lethal Weapons                               8/23/59

AR411             Use of Audio-Visual Equipment                                                                    10/18/88

AR412             Use of Canine Teams in Aggression and Protection Roles                              11/22/88


                        Academic and Vocational Training Programs


AR500             Educational Services                                                                                      3/30/90


                        Food Service and Farm Programs


AR600             Food Service                                                                                                6/16/92


                        Inmate Program Management


AR801             Racial Balance in Inmate Assignments                                                            3/21/89

ARJ802            Classification of Offenders                                                                             2/17/94

ARJ803            Sentence Computation and Tracking                                                            12/30/93

ARJ804            Access to Offender Records                                                                          2/17/94

AR812             Temporary Release/Meritorious Furloughs                                                      6/27/97

AR813             Temporary Release/Emergency Furloughs                                                     12/17/92

ARJ826            Meritorious Good Time                                                                                  8/11/94

AR830             Corporal Punishment                                                                                     10/20/79

AR831             Disciplinary Rules and Regulations                                                                   5/17/90

AR832             Discrimination and Racial Issues                                                                    11/29/79

AR833             Health Services                                                                                               3/30/90

AR834             Procedures for Handling Alleged Disciplinary Infractions

of Mentally Disordered Inmates                                                                       5/19/88

AR835             Grievance Procedure                                                                                     11/14/96

ARJ836            Segregation                                                                                                     4/28/94

AR837             Protective Custody                                                                                          6/24/93

ARJ840            Personal Cleanliness and Grooming for Offenders                                            2/19/98

AR841             Inmate Property Control                                                                                  6/24/93

ARJ850            Offenders With  Incurable Illness or Permanently Incapacitated                        8/24/95

AR851             Continuity of Care                                                                                           9/30/93

AR854             Research and Experimentation                                                                       10/21/96

AR860             Inmate Correspondence                                                                                  1/26/88

AR864             Publications                                                                                                    7/18/90

ARJ865            Visitations                                                                                                      2/17/94

AR867             Use of Telephone                                                                                         12/19/94

AR876             Inmate Emergency Work Assignments During Disasters                                    2/4/83

ARJ883            Chaplaincy Services                                                                                       2/17/94

AR888             Boot Camp Program                                                                                      5/17/90

AR890             ADC Jail Facilities                                                                                          2/26/91

AR891             Inmate DNA Testing                                                                                      6/27/97


                         Work/Study Release


AR1200            Work/Study Release Program                                                                       1/22/91

AR1200-A        Furloughs for Work/Study Release Inmates                                                   8/19/22

AR1201            Inmate Labor by Contractual Agreement & Volunteer Services                      8/18/87

AR1210            Pre-Release                                                                                                12/17/92

AR1212            Inmates Housed in County & City Jails (Act309)                                           6/27/97

ARJ1301          Transfer Eligibility of Community Punishment                                                12/30/93         

AR1315            Emergency Powers Act                                                                                 9/24/91



1058 Gourd Creek Road     *    Marshall, Arkansas 72650

Voice/Fax  870-448-3699



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